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Expert voice-over services to fit any situation - from telephone IVR audio to eLearning programmes.

Voice-overs to match any multi-lingual requirement

GlobaLexicon offers a full set of voice-over services and has been working with our voice-over artists for many years. From IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in Welsh to full eLearning programmes (including Flash animation voice-over) into multiple languages, we have the experience and network to make it happen.

Our voice-over artists provide impeccable service - giving you the perfect voice to match your requirements. 

Artists matched to your need

GlobaLexicon's experience enables us to provide the language, gender, age, tone, and style of voice that you and your clients are looking for.

Voice-over services are frequently requested, alongside translation, for:

  • eLearning Programmes
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Multimedia & Gaming
  • Audio Guides

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Need help with Voice-over?

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