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Translation & Localisation

Translation & localisation are core tasks for any language services provider. GlobaLexicon has been able to stand out from the crowd due to our unwavering focus on quality, service and specialisation within sectors.

Translations by rigorously selected linguists

Our translations are carried out by our rigorously selected in-country and local professionals, with each translator specialising in one or two market sectors. Each translation includes proofreading by a second experienced linguist as well as additional quality checks conducted by our dedicated in-house team before delivery.

Localisation is normally recommended when we already have the translation for a market where the same language is spoken - for example an existing Mexican Spanish translation can be localised to work well in Argentina, without the need for re-translation. Our staff are known for their proactive approach to ensuring your translation works perfectly in your target language and market. 

Quality which is second to none

GlobaLexicon's reputation for translation quality has been built over time through consistent delivery.

This consistent delivery, combined with service excellence and our consultative approach, continues to drive our success and that of our clients.

In line with our ISO certification, we are continually optimising our processes to ensure we remain leaders in the field.

We look forward to discussing your translation requirements with you. 

Need help with Translation & Localisation?

Get in touch with our team to discuss any of your requirements.