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Opens / Verbatim Translation

Open the door onto a world of answers. Our experienced team of translators are always on hand to help our clients draw the most accurate insights from online survey responses, whatever the language.

Opens translation by market research professionals

Our clients often come to us to translate open-ended answers, or verbatims, so their researchers can fully understand and accurately analyse or code their survey data. Opens can range from short, one or two-word answers, to long paragraphs describing feelings about, and impressions of, brands or concepts shown as part of the survey.

Whether our clients need a quick understanding of the responses for internal purposes or are looking to back translate the most representative responses for their formal research reports, our experienced team of translators will always take the question and survey respondents are answering into account when translating, rather than just back translating responses as they appear on the page, in order to put their reply in the right context.

Get the right insight from the translation of your responses

As part of GlobaLexicon’s focus on adding value and on a collaborative and consultative approach, we also share notes and clarifications from our team of translators, to help researchers understand cultural references and items mentioned in open-ended answers/verbatims and identify invalid responses.

All of our linguists have a full understanding of market research and a proven track record in sectors such as Healthcare, Consumer & Retail, and Financial Services, allowing us to deliver fast, accurate results.

Our opens translation services:

  • Translation of full open ends and “Other, specify”
  • Translation or transliteration of “Brand-Awareness”
  • Quick, “raw” translation of very large sets of open-ends
  • Flagging of invalid responses

Opens, or verbatim translation can also be paired with other linguistic services offered by GlobaLexicon, for example in-language coding.

Need help with Opens / Verbatim Translation?

Get in touch with our team to discuss any of your requirements.