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Training & Learning

GlobaLexicon has made training & learning a key area of focus. Our quality delivery of large scale projects, involving translation, localisation, editing, image manipulation, Flash animation and voice-overs has garnered great reviews. Speak to us about how we can partner with your organisation.

Large scale transformation via Training & Learning

Success in delivery of large scale transformations and business management is frequently dependent on the quality of the training and learning programme which has been put in place. To optimise these training programmes, as many as possible should be given in the employee's native language.  

Full language project management

GlobaLexicon has managed full country implementations of learning programmes involving execution and coordination of translation, localisation, editing, image manipulation, flash animation and voice-overs. 

With an unrivalled focus on quality, GlobaLexicon is an ISO 9001 accredited, corporate member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and of the European Association of Translation Companies (EUATC), as well as a Market Research Society (MRS) Company Partner.

" Thanks for the great work on everything -- I am hearing wonderful reviews both internally and externally. I am glad the relationship is working so well for both of us. "

Managing Director, Asia PacificImparta

Extensive Experience

Here are some examples of recent Training & Learning translation and language services project work completed for our clients:

  • Translation of e-learning material used for internal employee training into 17 markets for a major automobile company. Material included video scripts, program rules, user guide, and quick reference guides
  • Translation and typesetting of PowerPoint slides used to support corporate training sessions
  • Multiple country translation projects for health and safety manuals
  • Translation, localisation, text integration, modification of Flash animations, updating of voiceovers, and subtitling of complete training solutions of over 150,000 words into multiple markets
  • Regulatory compliance and technical training guidelines for a major engineering company
  • Blended learning including online learning content, pre-recorded lectures, voice over training exercise instructions.
  • Translation of over 70,000 words of agricultural best practices material including handbooks, modules, written exams, evaluation sheets

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