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Marketing & Advertising

At GlobaLexicon, our multinational team understands the importance of word choice and tone in getting your message across. Our Marketing & Advertising language services are geared towards making global campaigns a success.

Marketing & Advertising translation and language services for global brands

At GlobaLexicon, we work for end clients and agencies to ensure global brand campaigns and internal and external messaging remains consistent and are adapted to language and culture. The support of our expert internal linguist teams is integral to this, as is the use of terminology tools and optimised processes.   

Give your projects global appeal

By helping to more effectively communicate global marketing messages and offers to local customers and consumers, GlobaLexicon can help you reach your goals. Contact us today to see how we can support you.

" MRM McCann has been very happy with the quality and professionalism shown by the team at GlobaLexicon. Great work! "

Client ParnerMRM McCann

Extensive Experience

We have been working for Marketing & Advertising clients for over a decade. Here are some examples of recent project work completed for our clients:

  • Launching an international brand into 15 markets by adapting campaigns in accordance with cultural requirements.
  • Translation of a website and launch collateral to engage the target audience of a major French engineering company.
  • Working collaboratively with a client to create storyboards and posters which bridge cultural differences for markets such as the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Turkey.
  • Translating, on a daily basis, online medical articles which need to be both technically accurate whilst also capturing the punchy nuances of the source text using our experienced team of copywriters.
  • Transcreation of slogans and concepts which captured the word play, rhythm, sound and message of the original source for a multi-market project to be launched across Europe.
  • Translation of marketing material (leaflets and brochures) to be used in a new European sales drive.

Want to discuss your Marketing & Advertising translation and language services requirements?

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