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Consumer & Retail

Our Consumer & Retail language services experience has built up over the years and we are now the preferred partner for several global and innovative organisations from leading beverage groups to high growth retailers.

A strong pedigree in Consumer & Retail translation and language services

Our pedigree in the consumer & retail sector is not only via our management team, who have extensive experience in the area, but also via our project managers, who manage their clients, and our linguists, who are experts in the field.

Our team has been able to gain the trust of global organisations via consistently high quality consumer & retail translation services delivery and we now deliver projects daily for these clients. 

Give your projects global appeal

In a globalised marketplace, a product created in, and for, one market needs to be accessible and appeal to consumers around the world. At GlobaLexicon, we understand the key role translation plays in this process. As specialists in the field of communication, we know how important it is to convey your core brand message in a way that suits local tastes and expectations.

Combining an eye for detail with extensive knowledge of your target markets, we can help you manage your brands and win over customers around the world. Our linguists are all fully-qualified native-speakers with extensive experience working with consumer texts in a wide variety of fields, from beverages and food to luxury goods. As a company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, and to our clients, and we go the extra mile to ensure we provide the high quality texts our clients need to sell their products from Reykjavik to Rangoon.

" The service received from GlobaLexicon has been consistently great over the years and quality-driven across different types of technical documentation. We can definitely rely on their professionalism and expertise for the translation of our materials. "

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Extensive Experience

We have a thorough understanding of consumer goods translations and retail translations and this is an area we know very well. Here are some examples of recent project work completed for our clients:

  • Translation of over 50,000 words of internal training material for a major retailer
  • Transcreation of packaging and concept testing for new snack food products being introduced into European markets
  • Multilingual copywriting of product descriptions and marketing material for a large soft drinks manufacturer
  • Translation of customer feedback regarding kitchen appliances tested in over 20 markets
  • Website localisation for an international fashion brand
  • Telephone interpreting for supplier liaison and negotiation for a food and drink manufacturer
  • Translation of user instructions for a series of household cleaning products.

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