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Localising… Breakfast


As a multinational translation company comprising of people from all around the world, we at GlobaLexicon came up with a small survey on what our team typically eat for breakfast in their home countries and the results are delicious!

Breakfast varies wildly from location to location. In European countries like Spain, France, and Italy, the first meal of the day is usually small and quick to make, paired with a strong coffee. Meanwhile in Japan or Mexico, the preparation time for breakfast seems to be equal to that of dinner.

1. France

For the French, a traditional breakfast consists of coffee and either a baguette or croissant like Cubans, the French often dip their buttered bread into their coffee or 'café au lait'. 

2. Germany

German breakfast includes an assortment of fresh bread rolls ('Brötchen'), cold meats, local cheeses, butter, and jam.

3. Pakistan

Now we're getting into interesting flavour territory! A typical Pakistani breakfast, locally called 'nāshtā' is a sweet and savoury combination consisting of eggs, chickpea stew ('chole') and thin fried bread ('sheermal'), followed by a sugary dessert.

4. Algeria

‘Shakshuka' is Algeria’s most popular breakfast. This baked dish is a flavoursome combination of poached eggs surrounded by a stew of onions, peppers and tomatoes.

5. China

Breakfast is more like lunch in China. This typically includes noodles, sticky rice, chicken and fried vegetables.

6. Korea

A Korean breakfast is also similar to lunch. You will typically have a small plate of 'kimchi’, a bowl of rice and a portion of clear vegetable soup.

7. Turkey

A Turkish breakfast is often a feast of feta, tomato, cucumber, olives, toast, 'sucuk’ (dried sausage made of ground beef with garlic and a variety of spices like red pepper, cumin and sumac), cherry jam, Turkish tea and much more!

8. Japan

Traditional breakfasts include miso soup, steamed white rice, pickled vegetables, soy beans, tofu and proteins like fish and Japanese omelette (or 'tamagoyaki’).

9. Mexico

The very first meal of the day is vigorous, with dishes like 'chilaquiles' and 'huevos rancheros' being two of the most popular choices. Sweet rolls and coffee are lighter options for the people of Mexico.

10. India

Although breakfast in India varies by region, a combination of sauces, rice and naan paired with chutneys, dips and breads like 'dosa', 'roti', or 'idli' is always a must.

11. Russia

‘Oladi’ is the characteristic breakfast of Russia. This dessert looks like pancakes; hot, fried and soft inside whilst crispy on the outside! They’re best enjoyed with sour cream, honey, jam or fresh fruits.

12. Spain

A quick Spanish breakfast – ‘Pan a la Catalana’ or ‘Pan con Tomate’ are two simple but highly delicious examples of the Spanish breakfast. Bread with garlic and fresh tomatoes with salt and olive oil can often be found on their plates, whilst cheese and ham can be a welcome addition.

13. England

A Full English Breakfast should have baked beans in tomato sauce, sausages, bacon, eggs (fried or scrambled), mushrooms, black pudding, hash browns and a slice of buttered toast. This will all be served with a cup of coffee!

14. Brazil

A delicious selection of meats, cheeses and bread is the normal breakfast for Brazilians.

15. Italy

A typical Italian eats a ‘cappuccino e cornetto’ on the run, meaning a cappuccino and croissant.

16. Egypt

The traditional Egyptian breakfast and national dish is called ‘Fūl Medames’ and is thought to date back to the time of the pharaohs. The main ingredients are fava beans, usually stewed overnight and then spiced with cumin, chopped parsley, garlic, onion, lemon juice, and chili pepper. It can often be found served with sliced boiled eggs on the side.

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