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GlobaLexicon’s Summer Day Out 2019

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Every summer, the GlobaLexicon team come together and head towards the outskirts of London for a day of fun and competitive activities. It gives us an opportunity to get to know those colleagues we may not work with as often in a fun and novel way, be it through creating a raft together from rope and a few barrels, chasing them round a track in a penguin suit, or cheering them on as they navigate their way through a Segway course.

This year, we ventured south to the picturesque De Vere Selsdon Estate, to spend the day competing in various races and tasks on their sprawling lawn. Divided into 4 teams, we donned bibs and headbands of yellow, blue, red or green, to win points for the coveted Summer Day Out trophy.

First off, was a nostalgia-evoking collection of school sports day activities; a giant egg and spoon race, a three-legged race, a skipping-rope race, a sack race (perhaps more cardio-heavy than we remembered from childhood!) and the inclusion of our old friends the hula hoop and the humble bean bag. Given the international nature of our company (over 15 nationalities) and therefore of our colleagues, some of these elements were new, whilst for others it was a chance to see if you still had the skillset you had developed way back in primary school.

After a delicious buffet lunch in the hotel’s restaurant and a much-needed rest to regain our energy, we were back at it. This time, we were met with a picture quiz, guessing the names of celebrities, sports stars, and film/TV/book/song titles from a series of emojis. Following a somewhat heated discussion about whether an Argentinian flag, the number 10 and the Barcelona colours depicted Maradona or Messi, the teams were pit against each other in a series of tug-of-wars. With no match for our 6’4” (1.94m) French in-house linguist Corentin, it was onto the inflatables.  

One of the day’s most popular races comprised of cramming yourself into a sumo suit, crawling through an inflatable spider web of bungee cords, and throwing a ball onto a giant inflatable Velcro dartboard. There was also an inflatable assault course and slide, after which the team needed to assemble different pieces of a cube into their correct place, and lastly, long inflatable tubes to clamber through in a bid to win some final leaderboard-changing points.

Scores were counted up, the winners (the red team of the ‘Undaunted Wonz’) were announced and given their well-deserved medals and trophy, and the teams headed off to a nearby local pub to revel in the day’s events with a pint in hand. While our muscle ache may have finally subsided, the memory of our line manager in a sumo suit wrestling to make it past the new intern will stick with us for far longer, and that’s what this fantastic day is all about.

Bring on Summer Day Out 2020!

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