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GlobaLexicon’s Summer Day Out 2018



It’s not often you get to jab at your colleague with a large cushioned pugil stick, whilst trying to maintain your balance on a podium else you fall onto the inflatable bed below, but that was the reality in which we found ourselves on Saturday!

The team braved various tube engineering works and line closures in order to get to the glorious De Vere Theobalds Estate in Cheshunt, where we were met by four large inflatable structures spread out across the grounds and a day full of activities. Once separated into teams, the game was afoot:

  • Two members of each team were fastened by bungee chords to the corners of an inflatable hungry hippos board, where the aim was to snap up as many balls as possible before time was up
  • Teams were plunged into complete darkness in a laser tag maze, using only the lights from their guns to spot opponents and avoid shots by strategically hiding behind corners
  • Colleagues went head-to-head in an inflatable gladiator joust, where the best offence was a good defence in a battle of balance and agility
  • Members were transformed into human table football players, by attaching themselves to padded beams to see who had the quick-footed skills needed to get the most goals

After a delicious buffet in the sunshine and a knock-out style world cup of human table football, team 8 were crowned the champions of the London Summer Day Out 2018, and we were all invited to a nearby pub to cheers to the rest of the weekend and distract ourselves from the impending muscle stiffness.

Although a few shins were bruised (and perhaps some egos!), the GL Team thoroughly enjoyed their day in the sun together, showcasing their teamwork, leadership and resolve. With a well-deserved day of rest, we were back at work on Monday morning with a refreshed and rejuvenated attitude, paired with some fantastic sunburn. Bring on Summer Day Out 2019! 


Our Spanish office will have their own Summer Day Out later this month. The team will have dinner and some drinks at a place called “La Casa del Estanque” (The Pond’s House 😊). It’s a popular terrace for young people in Sevilla which turns out into a “disco-bar” after dinner. It’s also an amazing place to enjoy the good weather and is located inside one of the most famous parks here – Maria Luisa Park.

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