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GlobaLexicon - Full Service Continues


In this time of challenge, we at GlobaLexicon want to re-assure our clients that we are fully operational and that there is no impact from the Coronavirus on the quality and service you have become used to from your GlobaLexicon team.

No Impact on GlobaLexicon’s Services

  • We do not foresee the virus affecting our ability to deliver the quality work we do for our global clients:
    • Whilst we have in-house linguists, who will work from home for the time being, we also have over 4,000 freelance linguists on our books (95% of these individuals work from home hence a lower potential exposure to disruption). 
    • The majority of our staff are under 30 years old and are generally-speaking fit and in good health, however, any member of our team who showed any signs of a cold or flu over the last few weeks was moved to work from home immediately.
    • Staff with longer commutes started to work from home starting the week of March 9th with all non-essential office staff working from home until further notice.
  • We continue to closely monitor for any developments and we are observing the recommendations of the local authorities and governments where our offices are located.

Our Business Continuity Plan is Robust and Well Tested

  • All GlobaLexicon staff work on GlobaLexicon secure laptops.
  • Our Project Management system and the software which we use to run all project work is server and web-based, is scalable and is accessible by all of our staff remotely from any location.
  • Remote working has been fully tested. For instance, in periods such as the Christmas holidays, 90% of our staff travel home "early" and work remotely throughout the holiday period. Thus, our work from home set-up has been tried and tested over a number of years and has proven to be 100% effective, enabling us to continue deliveries on a ‘business as usual’ basis.
  • Our staff are used to working across offices and remotely, and as a result:
    • All staff laptops are set up to use our secure VPN and to work remotely effectively (this applies to all our offices across the world).
    • All staff are comfortable working with software such as Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting on a daily basis.
    • All client and operations teams have robust client and cross-office processes which will continue to be relied on (handovers, logs, checklists, etc.).

We remain committed to the success of our clients and to our teams.  Do get in touch with any questions or concerns.

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