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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in Professional Translation


In the ever-expanding world of business, employers are continuously on the lookout for individuals who can express themselves with clarity and have the ability to solve new and unusual problems in a clear and efficient manner. In the same way, when dealing with an international audience from different linguistic backgrounds, it is crucial to convey your message in the right language and for this, you need the ideal partner.

1. Experience

By partnering with a professional translation agency, you benefit from accessing a wealth of experience from language professionals who have worked with companies like your own on similar projects, and who speak the same language as your customers. A professional translation agency can advise you on a wide array of matters, from how best to set up translation workflows, to the cultural connotations of your latest campaigns. They can help you avoid common pitfalls and assist you in reaching new markets.

2. Resources and Tools

Professional translation companies have a variety of resources and tools at their disposal that go beyond document translation. Many language companies also offer desktop publishing, website development and localisation in multiple languages, plus other services that can be especially useful in larger projects.

A professional translation agency will have access to a huge pool of professional linguists (including our in-house linguists) that can be called upon as demand increases or when specialised projects arise. Often, senior linguists can be found who have an expertise in your particular field of business. They have an understanding of your customers, your competitors and your market so you can rest assured that these translations are always of the highest quality.

3. Accuracy

Probably the primary reason to hire a professional translator or agency is to ensure accuracy. An accurate translation is incredibly important when exploring foreign markets. At GlobaLexicon, all of our translations are carried out using native speakers and documentation goes through a four-step quality assurance process to check for accuracy.

4. Consistency

Consistency in the quality of the translation is equally important as accuracy. Without consistency, audiences will not be given the tools they need to build a relationship with a brand. Inconsistencies breed doubt, which is likely to lead to a cold response for the brand trying to communicate with a foreign market.

Working with a professional translation company that has the right provisions in place will ensure that every project is consistent, making sure your brand can build and maintain a strong reputation.

5. It’s Worth the Investment

Foreign markets are more accessible than ever before, and if you’re going to try to get a piece of the action, you want to make sure you do it right. A translation company can offer a variety of services to meet all your needs—from document translation to website localisation—and will guarantee your intended market is effectively and accurately reached!

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