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Linguist Intern

GlobaLexicon Graduate work placement programme (INTERNSHIP)

Role: Linguist Intern

Locations: UK Head office (London, Camden Town), Spanish office (Seville)

Why does GlobaLexicon operate a placement programme?

  • Training of future translators, project managers, vendor managers and QA executives
  • Provide realistic expectations of what translators and language service companies actually do
  • Strengthening the market of freelance translators
  • Recruitment and networking opportunities
  • Two way learning – because we learn a lot from our placements too!
  • To improve the training and employability of graduates and postgraduates
  • To strengthen links between GlobaLexicon and graduate/postgraduate programmes

 What are the aims of the placement programme?

  • To introduce candidates to a real-life language services company environment
  • To make candidates aware of the culture and structure of a language services environment and the necessary skills associated with it
  • To observe and participate in translation projects and activities appropriate to their competence, building on and extending their translation and language related skills
  • To apply skills in the working environment, under pressure and according to deadlines – independently and part of a team.

Who can apply to the placement for linguist interns?

We currently offer linguist internships to native speakers of French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese only.

What is the duration of the placement?

A minimum of four months, on a full time basis. Please note that because we offer full and detailed training, we cannot offer part time placements or placements for less than four months.

What’s in it for students?

  • Mentoring/training ‐ named reporting lines and regular formal and informal meetings
  • An excellent first step in your career. Placements give you better job prospects and the opportunity to apply your new knowledge and skills in a commercial environment
  • Build experience in business practices, handling clients, dealing with problems, negotiating deadlines, estimating jobs, managing budgets, working with CAT tools
  • A potential job offer at GlobaLexicon for top performers


We provide a daily allowance of £15 (UK) or €15 (Spain) for each day worked in the office, to contribute towards lunch and travel costs; otherwise the placement is unpaid.

Range of work experience you will receive will depend on requirements and interest and will be, in varying degrees, the following:

  • Translation under supervision of various kinds of texts  (Market Research, Healthcare & Pharma, Consumer & Retail, etc.)
  • Overlays – This is a task which consists of making a text in a word format appropriate for use on a web link. This requires a basic understanding of HTML coding, and will end in a text in XML format.
  • Link checks – Checking web links against a translation to see that everything has been implemented and that there are no grammar, spelling, typo issues.
  • Transcriptions – This tasks consists of listening to an interview respondent in your native language and simultaneously translating into English.
  • Quality Assurance – participation in GlobaLexicon’s quality assurance steps to varying degrees, this consists of checking the proofread translation to find any last mistakes, issues in formatting, wrong numbers, dates, etc.
  • Development of IT skills – network management, MS Office, translation management software, Xbench, etc.
  • Working relationships – development of trust and working relationships between colleagues
  • Use of Internet search/glossaries and online dictionaries for terminology

What we expect from candidates

  •      To conduct themselves professionally, with staff and clients
  •      To undertake work to a satisfactory standard to the best of their ability
  •      To maintain a good standard of dress and appearance
  •      To arrive punctually for work and meetings
  •      To act within the terms and conditions of our contract

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