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In-house Linguist

In-house Korean/Japanese/Chinese/German/French/Italian Linguist

This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced linguist looking for a full-time, permanent position as an in-house translator. Our in-house linguists will need to be flexible in terms of their involvement in other services such as proofreading, transcription and Quality Assurance checks as well as additional linguistic tasks. In return, you will have the opportunity to translate a wide-range of documents, working as part of a friendly, dynamic team and for a reputable Language Services Provider.

Typical Roles & Responsibilities:

This position requires excellent language skills, fluency in English, appropriate qualifications, relevant experience and related specialist knowledge. In-house linguists will be required to respond to our growing requirements for translation of a wide range of documents. Knowledge and experience of translating market research, medical, marketing and legal documents are particularly important. Proven experience of translation in these areas will be required, as well as some knowledge of the main CAT tools.

Exceptional attention to detail, commitment to achieving extremely high levels of quality and a methodical approach are all important for this role.

  • Translation of market research questionnaires, open-ended responses, product profiles, work orders, product specifications, error messages, websites and other documentation
  • Translation of other significant areas such as medical & pharma, consumer, marketing, learning and others
  • Proofreading of translations completed by other linguists, as required
  • Quality Assurance checks of translations completed by other linguists, as required
  • Flexibility to complete additional tasks, such as linguist recruitment, project administration, liaison with external linguists if required and if workload permits

Skills & Experience:

  • Degree or diploma in Translation, Languages, Marketing, Journalism or similar subjects. Postgraduate qualifications preferred
  • Qualification in medical translation preferred
  • Fluent English skills and native-speaker of Korean/Spanish/Chinese. Fluent/advanced skills in additional languages preferred
  • At least 2 years of proven experience of professional translation
  • Excellent translation style and strong understanding of the complexities of the English language
  • Exceptional knowledge of spelling and grammar norms in the target language
  • Ability to translate around 2,400 words a day and proofread around 8,000 words a day
  • Advanced research skills for checking terms and finding reputable terminology sources
  • Methodical use of reference material, glossaries and style guides
  • Proficient working knowledge of translation management software
  • Expert in MS Office Applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Experience of translating various file formats (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, XML, InDesign)
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Commitment to delivering high quality, professional translations
  • Ability to focus and to consistently perform translation tasks efficiently and to a high standard
  • Excellent time management and organisational skills
  • Ability to multitask and to adapt to new challenges

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