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Spotlight on the MRS Awards 2017 Winners

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London, 11th of December 2017 - GlobaLexicon, leader in market research translation and language services, presented the MRS Award for Healthcare Research at the MRS Awards 2017 at Supernova London in Embankment Gardens on Monday 4th of December.

As specialists in market research translation, our in-house team of 65+ works internationally on a range of qualitative and quantitative projects across different sectors. With a key focus on the healthcare and pharma translation sector, GlobaLexicon is proud to have sponsored the MRS Award for Healthcare Research, recognizing innovation and excellence in healthcare and pharmaceutical research. 

On the frontlines of innovation in market research, several brands stole the spotlight:

MRS Award for Healthcare Research
Winner: C Space & Nuffield Health

Mental Health is too often put on the backburner but the new study by C Space & Nuffield Health, Helping change the face of mental health by 2025 communicated much-needed essential findings on mental health support services by leveraging the existing community resources.

The judges added: "Although this is only a first stage, with actions and outcomes yet to emerge, the judges were impressed by the way the study leveraged the benefits of an online methodology and by the use of professional therapeutic techniques to engage with participants and build their trust.”

MRS Award for Social Media Research
Winner: Kantar TNS

Social media is increasingly data-crowded space, often with reduced search options and resisting traditional categorizing and archiving systems. Image and text mining software solutions aim to address this issue, enabling data scientists to navigate and bring forward insights from previously untapped sources. With the example of Arper’s brand, Kantar TNS proved that researchers can now efficiently collate reliable findings from social media data, even using collections of unattributed images.

The judges’ verdict: “Overcoming the challenges of tracking visuals made this an interesting and excellent project.”

MRS/ASC Award for Technology Effectiveness
Winner: Lightspeed

Lightspeed’s QuestionArts Suite of Intelligent Survey Design Components uses cutting-edge user interaction design principles to automatically optimise survey screen layout for optimal comfort and efficiency. Depending on the type of questions and survey, Lightspeed’s proprietary software determines the most appropriate visual output for researchers, participants and programmers, leading to a significant increase in productivity and the quality of the data captured by the system.

The judges commented, “We were particularly impressed by Lightspeed’s commitment to calibrating and improving their components, and their openness in sharing their approach with the research community.”

MRS/ASC Breakthrough Innovation Award


As the first winner in this brand new category, MindProber focuses on neuroscience applications for consumer insights and large-scale survey research. The agency developed a cost-efficient biometric sensor paired to an app tracking and recording physiological data in real time during surveys where participants are exposed to stimuli. The data is immediately processed and minimizes subjective interpretation.

The judges commented, “This was a true breakthrough in collecting a new stream of data that could enhance understanding of participant reaction.”

GlobaLexicon's Managing Director, Daniela Toledo, presented the MRS Award for Healthcare Research on the night and sums up our takeaway from the evening:

“We celebrate and congratulate all of this year’s Market Research Society nominees.  2017 has been a great year in market research, with many of our clients witnessing spectacular developments and raising to the ever-changing challenges of the industry. We look forward to working with many more companies in 2018 to bring them language solutions with the speed and accuracy they deserve.”

Read more about our highlights of the night and the innovation award winners on the MRS website.

For further information on our market research and healthcare translation and language services, please contact us using the details below: 

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