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The importance of translation in MR

GlobaLexicon MR Translation

The global market research industry has grown steadily in recent years with reports of over 62% increase in the UK alone between 2012 and 2016. Worldwide, there is a clear trend in businesses across key market sectors using a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques to better understand their customers. Now that brands are able to reach out to audiences across the globe and their products can be physically available worldwide, the demands on international market research agencies will only grow stronger. Speaking to target consumers not only in their language but with cultural awareness and in line with their life stage is paramount.   

Market research continues to be an invaluable tool for small and large businesses alike. As the digital age closes the gap between brands and consumers, their feedback is more accessible than ever before. Thanks to sophisticated data collection and analysis tools, market opportunities can be identified with impressive speed, ensuring a mutually beneficial channel of communication. Of course, in an increasingly competitive market space, market research is also essential when measuring a business against its competitors.

Translation and technology have enabled international market research to cast a far broader net, allowing researchers to keep their finger on the pulse of consumers from wherever they are in the world.

GlobaLexicon specialises in language and translation services for the Market Research Industry, covering a wide range of sectors, from Consumer to Healthcare, Engineering and Finance. We understand the need for relevance, consistency, flexibility and speed.

As the Research Industry evolves in line with globalisation, so too does the Translation Industry. Despite growing at an impressive rate and on a global scale, both strive to maintain a customer-centric approach in a fast, efficient and accurate manner.

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