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GlobaLexicon is expanding our Internship Programme


Hiring someone as an intern is the most effective way to evaluate their potential as a fulltime employee. An internship programme allows a business to recruit and train their future employees, bringing them into the culture of the company at an early stage, while the interns get that critical “foot in the door” allowing them to prove themselves as future leaders while gaining vital real world work experience.

Here at GlobaLexicon, we started our internship programme in 2008 with a few interns per year, but by 2015, the annual number had grown to 20! Interns stay with us for an average period of 4 to 6 months and during this time tasks are delegated accordingly, giving them the opportunity to contribute ideas and work on our ongoing projects whilst adhering to strict deadlines. Of course, sufficient training is provided so that they can comfortably explore all their capabilities during their time with us.

Over the past 3 years, 70% of our interns have been offered a full time position and over 40% of our employees are former interns, with many others becoming part of our trusted freelancer network.

At GlobaLexicon, our company culture is something we take pride in. As a young dynamic team, employees participate in a number of team-bonding activities and events, such as our Christmas party, the Summer Day Out (a full day of outdoor activities outside the city), the Halloween party complete with costumes, numerous charity events such as bake sales and quiz nights, and monthly drinks in a variety of local bars and pubs! We strongly believe that such activities not only create a less formal environment, but also enhance productivity rates, as people feel more comfortable, integrated and part of an energetic team.

Most importantly, all employees – including interns – are given the possibility to grow and change their career path if they feel intrigued by another position. Alice Babetto, our HR Programme Coordinator states that “interns are very important for us and contribute to the company’s growth. I was personally an Italian Linguist intern in 2014 and am now coordinating the HR team, showing that we not only value their work, but also provide them with new opportunities and career paths”. Similarly, our latest Team Lead, Armelle Le Perchec started her career as an Intern in 2013 and is now leading a team of Project Managers, whilst being responsible for some of our biggest clients.

As a company, we consider interns to be part of the team and encourage them to engage in all extracurricular activities, in an environment where they feel comfortable to contribute with their fresh ideas and new approaches to business. Our internship programme is open for applications year-round.

For more information and current openings please visit our website at:

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