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Behind the business of language

Anna G - blog

The question of “Language” and its purpose, intent, and usage is a topic dear and near to me. Language encompasses a large part (most/everything) of my professional world. I’ve been working in the language industry since I graduated university with a degree in …Romance Languages.

And Language is as big a part of my personal story and identity:  I’m an immigrant. I came to the US from Italy at the tender age of 12 and spoke not a word of English.  Language has at times defined, defied, failed, or saved me. And I’ve mixed up colloquialisms, symbolisms and straight up made-up words more times than I care to recount, puzzling those around me. Many of my US colleagues will gladly attest at my attempt at using “sports” analogies during “inspirational” sales meetings, inevitably mixing up baseball, football, soccer, and leaving them more amused and confused than perhaps the intended inspiration.

So, it’s no wonder that as we embark on establishing Toppan Digital Language, we have been asking ourselves these fundamental questions: How do we communicate internally and externally? What do we want our communication to mean? And even the more basic question: Is this a topic worth exploring?

Firstly, we unequivocally agree that the topic is at the very heart of our identity and culture and therefore, very much worth talking about and defining. Afterall, we are in the business of language and we should try to get this one right. Which then follow the other questions: How? And, what is our goal? And while we all agree that things will continue to evolve and change, we believe that for us language is meant to be the great unifier and equalizer.

Our goal is simple: we want to inform accurately and connect meaningfully with our colleagues, clients, suppliers, and partners.

These are lofty ambitions, we know… The execution of these ambitions will test our resolve over time – but we have a goal post, and knowing this team, I’m pretty confident that we will not fumble this ball 😊

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