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Don't just take our word for it.  Our clients have been kind enough to share some of their views too!

" GlobaLexicon is a reliable and knowledgeable partner when it comes to translations for the biotech/pharmaceutical industry. They are very responsive, asked the important relevant questions at project set-up and delivered high quality translations very rapidly, all of which led to Selecta filing the IND on our aggressive timeline. They have the linguistic capabilities to add value to our materials "

Senior Vice President R&DSelecta Biosciences

" We are very happy with GlobaLexicon and consider you to be among the best partner organisations that we work with. You have consistently been flexible, responsive, competitive on price and regularly produce high-quality work for us under tight time constraints. "


" Finally, thanks again for all your excellent work on this project – I was really pleased with everything and I have been singing your praises to various colleagues :) "


" We are extremely happy with GlobaLexicon. The Project Managers always keep us updated on the progress of the translations and we find the cultural and bespoke advice they provide for each of their deliveries extremely useful. "

Consumer Research & Data AnalyticsMintel

" Thank you again for the flexibility you and your team have shown.  It's great to have a partner who knows my business and can proactively work with me to meet my clients' needs. "

Publistat Mediaonderzoek

" I am looking at the translation of the concepts: pretty amazing :-)….I am really impressed. "

Cello Health Insight