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Acquisition Q&A

Our entire team is excited by the opportunities being part of Toppan Digital Language will bring to our clients, our team and our partners. Read some answers to high level questions below, and, as always, feel free to reach out to your team here with any additional questions.  

What has been announced today?

GlobaLexicon has been acquired by Toppan Digital Language, a language solutions company based in London, United Kingdom.

What does this mean for us, your clients?

It is business as usual! Toppan Digital Language will continue to serve clients as they have been, and you can continue to expect to receive the same high-quality service you are accustomed to, delivered by the same teams. We remain focused on serving the market research & insights industry, the healthcare industry, and other sectors with business-critical content.

Who is Toppan Digital Language?

Toppan Digital Language is headquartered in London. It is a subsidiary of Toppan Inc., an international business listed on the Tokyo stock exchange, with sales of just under $14bn and over 52,000 employees worldwide. You can find out about Toppan Inc here:

What is Toppan Digital Language’s strategy?

Toppan Digital Language aims to become the leader in language solutions for regulated and business-critical content.

We take a customer-centric “solutions approach”, which means designing a technology-enabled services, based on an individual customers’ requirements and industry, and providing high levels of service and quality.  

The market research & insights sector remains a key focus for the long term, and we will be investing further in areas such as operations and technology to support our customers and build on our position as the leading translation provider to the sector.

Beyond market research, you will also see us growing in the wider sectors of life sciences, financial services and legal services, where we see regulated and business-critical content.

Is the GlobaLexicon name changing?

Yes. The GlobaLexicon brand will transition to Toppan Digital Language. GlobaLexicon Ltd will change its name to Toppan Digital Language (UK) Ltd and we will provide notice of this change.

GlobaLexicon email addresses will continue to work as normal until further notice.

Who is the leadership team of Toppan Digital Language?

Christophe Djaouani is President of Toppan Digital Language and has over 20 years’ experience in language services, building business focused on regulated and business-critical content.

The full senior team of GlobaLexicon will be staying with the business and look forward to continuing to work with our clients.

You can read about the wider Toppan Digital Language team on our website.

What is Toppan Digital Language’s culture?

We are guided by a strong set of values and principles which was also a key driver of this new venture: a transparent partnership approach with our customers, with an innovative, solutions mind-set; and an employee culture based on collaboration, respect for all, inclusivity and diversity.

Quick Facts about Toppan Inc.
  • Toppan Inc is listed on the Tokyo stock exchange, with a market capitalisation of $6 billion 
  • Sales in 2020 were $13.6bn and there are over 52,000 employees worldwide 
  • Founded in 1900
  • R&D Spending of $180mm
  • A very efficient structure and infrastructure backed-up by a strong financial position

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